IC Projects

This page contains some of the IC analog design projects that I have worked on. This includes Masters related work at RIT.

Rail to Rail Folded Cascode Opamp Employing Class AB Output Stage


This paper will describe a high performance opamp architecture suitable for driving moderate off chip capacitances. This opamp is suitable for driving LCD panels. Because the circuit can be used to drive LCDs, this amplifier has to be as low power as possible to enable efficient use of the battery in a portable application. Please find the paper attached below

Low Voltage Analog Design Paper


Paper I wrote for a class at RIT, basically a survey in low-voltage CMOS design.

Click here to read.

8-bit Flash ADC


An 8 bit Flash Analog-to-Digital converter I designed (And designed the masks!) for school (MSEE @ RIT).

The documentation can be read by clicking here.