About My Website

Hi, welcome to my site. Here I will post things that interest me (and maybe you!).

Low Voltage Analog Design Paper


Paper I wrote for a class at RIT, basically a survey in low-voltage CMOS design.

Click here to read.

8-bit Flash ADC


An 8 bit Flash Analog-to-Digital converter I designed (And designed the masks!) for school (MSEE @ RIT).

The documentation can be read by clicking here.

Laser Pattern Project


I built a cheap laser pattern generator from stuff I found lying around my house and a few store bought items, I think I spent <$10. Here I am including the plans for the circuit and pictures of the finished project. Once upon a time I also took pictures of the patterns using a digital camera, but the shutter speed was too fast, so only part of the pattern was viewable.  read more »