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Hi, welcome to my site. Here I will post things that interest me (and maybe you!).

Elli Giggles for Mommy

This is one of the first good giggles we got out of Elli. Mommy is funny!

Elli Easter Pics

Flying Elli Easter BunnyFlying Elli Easter Bunny
This above is Elli's first easter bunny suit. Now here below we have another cute pic...  read more »

Lab Setup Circa 2007


Pictures of my Lab Bench and Equipment, sort of a mess, but I was working on a project. I'm setup for audio vacuum tube amplifier work and antique radio repair. I have also put together a GPIB system to automate measurement of plate characteristics.  read more »

10 Inch Speaker Cabinet

This was my first guitar amp speaker experiment. Nothing special at all, arbitrary sizes. What I focused on was to build it very sturdy and to build it deep. This is to minimize low frequency cancelation of air traveling from the front of the baffle to the back - better bass response. To aid strength, I decided to use box joints and to create slots in the box so that the baffle is built into the box rather than screwed to it.  read more »

Single-Ended (Class A) 6L6 Guitar Amp

I wanted to create a reasonably loud and simple amp without extra crap like tone control. Just a plug and play amp that sounded good with maximum one knob. I also wanted to use a 6L6 and some older types of tubes (octals), just for show.  read more »

Pam and Imre's Running Adventures


This page is all about our running adventures...  read more »

Champ Amp, My First Amp

This was my first tube amp experiment. It is based on a Fender Champ from the 50's. The Champ was designed to be a cheap practice amp. It features all-tube construction, about 5 Watts of power and tone control!  read more »

Magic Eye Audio Detectors


This project included a complete power supply and circuitry to enable a voice activated Magic Eye tube. The user speaks into a microphone, it is amplified by the triode in the 6T8A (the tube to the right of magic eye tube), then the signal is rectified and a peak detected signal is sent to the magic eye tube. Inside the magic eye tube, there is another triode which further amplifiers the signal and then drives the deflection grid in the cathode ray device. I will post the circuit sometime soon. I gave it to my Dad for Father's Day - what a useless gift.  read more »

2006 International Solid State Circuits Conference, San Francisco, CA


A 250µW 0.042mm2 2MS/s 9b DAC for Liquid Crystal Display Drivers

I presented this paper at the 2006 ISSCC, it can be found on IEEE eXplore, it is a copyrighted document. The architecture and design methods are presented for implementing N-bit DACs optimized for small-format LCD column drivers. Individual 9b DACs in a 12-channel QVGA display system occupy a die area of 0.042mm2. This represents a composite DAC performance of better than 0.60pJ/b/mm2. (Published paper available upon request)

An Ultra Low Power Digital to Analog Converter Optimized for Small Format LCD Applications


This thesis will examine and develop electronic circuits for driving small format LCD technology commonly found in portable devices. Display technologies of at least ¼ VGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels) are considered. Several technologies are being employed to create displays of this resolution. This thesis will examine and develop a display driver for the latest generation of LCD technology currently in production.

Please see the paper attached below.