Laser Pattern Project


I built a cheap laser pattern generator from stuff I found lying around my house and a few store bought items, I think I spent <$10. Here I am including the plans for the circuit and pictures of the finished project. Once upon a time I also took pictures of the patterns using a digital camera, but the shutter speed was too fast, so only part of the pattern was viewable.

Putting it together:

  • Old alarm box where you can mount stuff
  • 3 dc motors taken from cheesy air freshner units (they were the fans)
  • 3 small round mirrors (taken from little cosmetic units)
  • 3 strong magnets
  • 3 conduit clamps
  • 3 L shaped brackets
  • some aligator clips
  • Power chord
  • Some wire
  • Common sense
  • One laser

So stupidly simple you can do it! just setup the voltage regulators; One fixed, and two adjustable, and BAM!

Parts List:

  • Old alarm box where you can mount stuff
  • 3 x LM317 Adjustable Voltage regulator
  • 3 x pots for voltage regulator
  • 3 x bias resistors
  • 4 diodes or one bridge rectifier thingie
  • 1 transformer
  • at least one big capacitor >1000uF
  • DPDT switch
  • SPST switch


Outside of the device.Outside of the device. Control knobs on the outsideControl knobs on the outside Inside of the device.Inside of the device. Circuit boardCircuit board
Pattern 1Pattern 1 Pattern 2Pattern 2 Pattern 3Pattern 3

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