Lab Setup Circa 2007


Pictures of my Lab Bench and Equipment, sort of a mess, but I was working on a project. I'm setup for audio vacuum tube amplifier work and antique radio repair. I have also put together a GPIB system to automate measurement of plate characteristics.

Lab Left SideLab Left Side Lab Right SideLab Right Side

Lab Parts and StuffLab Parts and Stuff

Equipment List

Test Equipment

  • Marconi TF 2005 R - Dual Low Distortion Audio source with mixer
  • HP 3312A - 13 MHz Function Generator
  • HP 59501B - GPIB PS controller - x2
  • HP 6209B - 300 V 100 mA Power Supply - x2
  • HP 8903B - Audio Analyzer, GPIB
  • HP 3438A - DMM, 3.5 Digit, GPIB - x2
  • HP 6253A - Dual 20 V, 3 A Power Supply
  • HP 3456A - 6.5 digit DMM, GPIB
  • Fluke 8840 - 5.5 digit DMM, GPIB, Option 5 & 9
  • Heathkit IP-5220 - Isolated Variac
  • Tektronix 2213 - 60 MHz Oscilloscope
  • Tektronix DA 4084 - Programmable Distortion Analyzer - GPIB

Tube Testers

  • Hickok 532
  • Heathkit TT-1
  • Jackson 648S

Fix List

  • Fluke 8840 DMM
  • HP 6521A - 1000 V, 100 mA Power Supply
  • HP 6034A - 60 V, 10 A Power Supply, GPIB - x2

Hi Imre, Very impressive

Hi Imre,

Very impressive setup, thanks for the spec sheet also, just what I was looking for!

Tony - hp 6735s

Marconi FT 2005 R

Hello. Nice bench set up with a lot of room. I am currently using my dining room table. lol I collect and use lots of vintage audio equipment. In particular reel to reel tape decks. I have amassed some test equipment for my alignment process. I recently got a very good condition and it works Marconi dual tone generator. I am out looking for a users manual and such. I could stumble through and figure out how to use it for my purposes but would like to get a manual. Do you have a manual for this? Can you give me some sources to find the manual? Your help would be greatly appreciated. George Thomas


Hi George,

I don't have the manual. The closest I've found is the spec sheet found at

The generator is pretty simple to use, if you have specific questions, maybe I can help. Cheers, Imre

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