Kalamazoo Model 1 Tube Amp


Kalamazoo Model 1 (B) Outside: Front After repair and cleaningKalamazoo Model 1 (B) Outside: Front After repair and cleaning This could be the cleanest (electronically) Kalamazoo amp that you'll ever see. The chassis is completely clean with not a spot of rust and the lettering is perfect. I'm afraid the knobs may not be original, as they are different than the other ones I've seen and the little blue indicator line on the knob seems out of place. This amp was tolerable right out of the chute, but it did hum and the pots were scratchy.

I cleaned the pots, replaced all of the power supply filter caps and I upgraded the amp to a 3-prong power cord. When I replaced the filter caps, I was careful to leave the original chassis mount there. I then used that to secure the new caps to the chassis. This is important as loose components (especially relatively heavy ones like filter caps) can move around and loosen up solder joints over time. I was able to fit two out of three of the filter caps in the old chassis strap. I then zip tied the three together which secured them firmly to the chassis. As a finishing touch, I added some rubber cement to hold things in place. I also cut the leads off the old filter capacitor as close as I could to leave as much of the original wire as possible. In this way, I didn't need to add any new wire to the amp. Actually, that's not true, I had to add an extra vintage cloth wire between the fuse and power switch as is required by the 3-prong update. Picture below: Kalamazoo Model 1 (B) Inside: Insides after repairKalamazoo Model 1 (B) Inside: Insides after repair


I too have a near mint model one kalamazoo 1966 according to the code on one of the pots.It has one little ding on the tolex.Looks like someone got the amp,tried it & stored it. I play harp & this thing rips. Added spkr jack, & use the amp & one spkr box with an emminence 25-30 watt 8 ohm, big sound! The spkr in mine looks exactly like the one in your picture. Could you tell me what type spkr it is? Mine came with RCA tubes, which I think are original. Had an amp tech replace the death cap & any other caps or transistors not up to specs, replaced only the plug on end,cleaned pots, & added ext spkr jack.I bought the amp to gig with, so did not care to keep original,as never planning to sell it.Only owned for a couple weeks, so nice to see your post & talk about a truly unique small watt amp. Regards, Dick V

Great Little Amp

Hi Dick V, These are great little amps, the speaker out mod is common, these things really come to life with an external speaker cabinet with a 12" or something in there. The stock speaker (CTS I believe) won't have much low end. Also, I believe the RCA's were indeed stock. The manufacturer may have cheaped out on the cabinet and speaker, but the electronics and tubes are high quality. No transistors in this amp! Have fun! -Imre

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