Fender Super Champ XD

Fender Super Champ XDFender Super Champ XD This was also a music store amp, no output. This is a hybrid amp with 1 12AX7 and push-pull 6V6 output and a DSP/opamp signal conditioning preamp. Power supply and bias voltages checked out OK. I shorted out the DSP and the amp worked perfect, actually sounded pretty nice without all that digital stuff dulling the sound. I also noticed that the LEDs which were driven by the DSP were also not responding to the controls (specifically the channel switching). Once I started poking around the DSP section (which has it's own PCB) it was obvious that is was a loose connection. Turns out, the Flash memory feeding the DSP wasn't sitting in the socket right. I pulled it out, tightened it up, DeOxit and restarted (duh, it's a computer). All was fixed.

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