Fender Champ 600

Fender Champ - Front: Wrong resistor installed at the factory!Fender Champ - Front: Wrong resistor installed at the factory!

New amp from the store, someone returned it saying there was little of no output. Well, they were right, very low volume and distorted. I checked the supplies, they were fine, so I checked the bias voltages. The voltage on the cathode of the 6V6 was 30 or 40 volts and all over the place. The resistor that was installed at the factory was some oddball value 7 or 8 times the normal and on top of that, it had failed and become intermittent early in life. I replaced the resistor and the amp was perfect. How do they install the wrong resistor? and don't they test at the factory? maybe they just tested for output and the resistor had failed later. Bizarre.

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