“Pong” the Game


A simple synthesizable VHDL Pong game. Uses PS/2 keyboard and has VGA output. Implemented on an Altera Flex FPGA board. Please see the paper attached below.

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pong2.GIF12.02 KB

Dear Mr. Knausz, I have

Dear Mr. Knausz,

I have read your article carefully. However, I did not understand very well how all the blocks are tied together. The reason is because of the image of GDF schematic is quite low-quality so I cannot read the pin in and out of each block. Would you please send me a copy of GDF file to my email.

Thank you in advanced. Regards.

Figure 1

I have attached a high res version of figure 1 in gif format so you can read all the signal names. Thanks for looking! -Imre

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