My Amps

10 Inch Speaker Cabinet

This was my first guitar amp speaker experiment. Nothing special at all, arbitrary sizes. What I focused on was to build it very sturdy and to build it deep. This is to minimize low frequency cancelation of air traveling from the front of the baffle to the back - better bass response. To aid strength, I decided to use box joints and to create slots in the box so that the baffle is built into the box rather than screwed to it.  read more »

Single-Ended (Class A) 6L6 Guitar Amp

I wanted to create a reasonably loud and simple amp without extra crap like tone control. Just a plug and play amp that sounded good with maximum one knob. I also wanted to use a 6L6 and some older types of tubes (octals), just for show.  read more »

Champ Amp, My First Amp

This was my first tube amp experiment. It is based on a Fender Champ from the 50's. The Champ was designed to be a cheap practice amp. It features all-tube construction, about 5 Watts of power and tone control!  read more »

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