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Hi, welcome to my site. Here I will post things that interest me (and maybe you!).


My objective is to find a position in analog or mixed-signal IC design, or alternatively, a demanding circuit and architecture design position with the opportunity to learn and use my creativity in or near Rochester, NY.

Please see the attached copy of the resume.

Upgrading a Linear Supply with a Current Meter


I bought an Astron RS-20 on the cheap at the local hamfest for my radio. Only problem was the supply was lacking some basic features such as a panel meter for the load current and a banana jack on the front to make the supply output accessible. No problem, with a 200mV digital panel meter laying around, I knew exactly what I wanted to do...  read more »

Peavey JSX Mini Colossal


Peavey JSX MiniPeavey JSX Mini This amp came to me with a very low output problem from a music store. All the power supply voltages were fine, but the output was low and it seemed like the amp was loaded down because the output transformer was fine. Since the amp was a "Power Soak" feature, I disconnect that to see it it was the issue. It was not. Upon futher disassembling the amp, it was apparent that the output wire from the output transformer was pinched. The power soak PCB was pinching the wire against the chassis. It was probably fine at the factory, but over a period of time and jostling around, it ended up a partial short. A little heat shrink tubing and re-routing the wire fixed things right away.

Then I went on to some mods...  read more »

Dummy Load for Amp Testing


I needed a reliable dummy load for testing amps that I design and repair. Over the years I've been collecting the parts I thought I would need. Finally it all came together along with the time needed to assemble it. I wanteded mono and stereo modes and at least 50 Watts of power dissipation. Finally, I wanted it to be accurate.  read more »

Epiphone Valve Junior Version Comparisons


I did a little looking into how the versions were different. Version 3 definitely sounds better - higher gain and less muddy than Version 1. The bigger output transformer must've cleared things up a bit. The output transformer primary impedance was also reduced to 5000 ohms (Version 1 was 7500) ohms. This is a much better match for the high current 6BQ5 and I'm sure it gave it some of it's additional clean headroom. Here's a link to some more info:


I have some voltage Measurements somewhere...  read more »

Document Archive


Here are some Manuals, App Notes and Documents I have scanned in.  read more »

My Second Patent - #7,504,979 - An Low Power DAC


System and method for providing an ultra low power scalable digital-to-analog converter (DAC) architecture

USPTO Link  read more »

Website Design

Hi There,

I've started doing website design part-time. Small scale for now, just getting my feet wet. I'm mostly doing Drupal based sites, but I've been doing web design and web programming for over 10 years now.  read more »

My First Patent - #7,362,173 - CMOS Amplifiers


System and Method for Providing Slew Rate Enhancement for Two Stage CMOS Amplifiers

Google Patent Link  read more »

Elli Does the Head Tilt

Elli does the head tilt on demand!